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Real Estate Investors: Watch this Video & Learn How to...


Using the REI Trifecta Method: an Easy 3-Step Plan that Will Get You More Leads & More Contracts Starting this Week

After You're Finished Watching the Video IN FULL & IF You Have Serious Interest...









Call (423) 460-6442 Before Timer Expires to Receive Your "Fast Mover" Discount

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does all of this work?

Simple answer: If this is something you're seriously interested in, give me a call right now so that you can take advantage of the fast mover discount. After you come onboard, you'll get access to all of the free goodies (courses, software, etc.). We'll have an onboarding call with you about a week before the event so we can find out about your business and get the best possible leads for you. In the meantime, you go through the courses provided in whatever areas you are weak in. We'll have leads waiting for you in your inbox when the event starts. The main focus of the event will be qualifying leads, analyzing and structuring deals and getting properties under contract (and providing you with any other help you need: funders, title companies, etc.). After the event, you'll get 30 days of Mastermind Exclusive for free where you can just on the phone with me any weekday at 9am EST and get your problems solved.

Will I have the option to continue getting 200 leads every month?

Absolutely. If you're a good fit, you'll be able to continue in the Mastermind Exclusive which includes the 200 leads a month, the daily calls and meeting up around the world with fellow mastermind members 2 times a year.

What is the lead quality?

The leads are all open to the idea of selling their property. They aren't considered a lead unless they are at least open to the idea of selling. Not every lead is going to be a home run and ready to hand you their property today. Some will require follow up to be warmed up. With that being said, most investors that are at least decent on the phone, will get a few properties under contract each month from these leads.

How do I know you'll deliver?

We'll sign a contract that spells out our part (and yours). You can see a preview of the contract here. You'll sign it right after you become a customer. Not wanting to sign the contract is not cause for a refund.

How much does this cost?

It's covered in the video...

Can I bring a business partner?

We don't encourage this. We find that having 2 folks presenting 1 business changes the dynamic of the small group setting that isn't favorable to the other participants.

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