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Attention Real Estate Investors & Wholesalers

''Put Your Marketing for Motivated Sellers on Autopilot & Get All the Tools You Need to Nurture & Close Them (at NO Cost to You)

All You Pay for the List & the At-Cost SMS/MMS, RVM, and Email Usage (with no markup)

After 7 Days, You Can Still Use the Software to Get Your Own Leads & Manage Your Business at NO Extra Charge Forever Because...

REIFuze Will Replace All of These Tools Below...

We used plan costs for the middle plan and/or most popular plan

  • Digital Signing Software - Replaces Docusign ($45/month)

  • Phone System - Replaces RingCentral ($105/month)

  • Scheduler - Replaces Calendly ($36/month)

  • Skip Tracing Access  - Replaces Skip Genie ($58/month)

  • CRM - Replaces RESimpli ($99/month)

  • List Stacking - Replaces REISift ($149/month)

  • SMS/MMS Blast - Replaces Simple Texting ($29/month)

  • Task Management - Replaces Todoist ($18/month)

  • Analytics Dashboard - Replaces Kipfolio ($90/month)

  • Direct Mail - Replaces Print Genie (available in 30 days) ($97/month)

  • Website Chat - Replaces LiveChat (available in 30 days) ($49/month)

  • All of These Cost $775/month

    REIFuze Replaces All of Them for Just $297/month

    Which Makes REI Fuze FREE

    & SAVES You $478/month too!

    Why Are We Giving You Access to Our Amazing Software for No Cost?

    Good question. We want to make show you exactly how REIFuze can help you and your business at no risk for you (and, selfishly, we want you to be a customer for life too... but only if it you get tons of value from it)

    Become a Customer Now

    Use Our 3 Simple 3 Step Process to Get More Leads, Nurture Them on Auto Pilot & Close More Deals

    Watch the Software Live in Action

    Step #1: Get Leads

  • Pull Property Lists or Upload Your Own

  • With a few clicks, you can order lists of folks that want to sell their property now right from our software. (nominal charge per record). Or you can upload your own lists (from places like PropStream) just as easily.

  • Skip Trace

  • With a few clicks, you can skip trace any list and get phone numbers, names, email addresses, scrub your list against the federal do not call list (and more!)

  • Automated Set-it-and-Forget-it Multi-Channel Message Campaigns (with Proven Templates)

  • Instantly add contacts or lists to a campaign that blasts out SMS, MMS, RVM, and email messages on auto-pilot for as long as you want. (and soon, direct mail too)

  • Built-in Phone System

  • You'll be able to make and receive calls, have voicemail, record and forward calls to your cell phone (among other cool features) (a full PBX phone system will be in the platform in the next 60 days)

  • Detailed Tracking & Analytics

  • You'll have detailed analytics by action (prospects to leads to appointments to contracts to deals closed) and by lead source (so you'll know exactly what marketing methods bring you deals and where to focus your marketing dollars).

  • Built-in List Stacking

  • REIFuze will tell you how many lists each lead in your database is on which allows you to see the leads that have the potential to be more motivated sellers

  • Custom Fields

  • We've included almost every possible field you can think of but in case you want to capture something else, we've got you covered.

  • Automated DNC Management

  • Any first time SMS, RVM or email replies from prospects with the words stop, remove, unsubscribe will be automatically added to your own internal DNC list (you can also add anyone manually too). 

  • Carrier Block Stopping Measures

  • When you're sending out large amounts of text messages, you need to make it harder for carriers to detect. We do this by having you create multiple variations (as many as you want) of each initial marketing message. We also have limits in place to help keep you in the good graces of carriers.

  • Segment Your List Easily

  • You can segment your list with tags and by lead type and lead status so you always know who your hottest leads are.

    Step #2: Nurture Leads

  • 2 Way Messaging Conversations (SMS, MMS, Email, Phone)

  • Every message you send and receive via SMS, MMS, Email & Phone will show up in REIFuze. replies come into the software When you're doing multi-channel marketing, you're going to have replies coming in from different channels. In REIFuze, all of those messages show up in 1 feed per each contract record so that you can always see what you've talked about and where you're at with each lead. It will even show call and Zoom recordings too.

  • Never Forget Where You Left Off

  • When you're doing multi-channel marketing, you're going to have replies coming in from different channels. In REIFuze, all of those messages show up in 1 feed per each contract record so that you can always see what you've talked about and where you're at with each lead. 

  • Texting Keywords

  • You can have leads respond with certain keywords that will deliver them a certain message, link or instructions on the next step they should take.

  • Appointment Scheduling Software

  • Playing phone tag is exhausting. So is messaging back and forth trying to find a good day and time for the both of you to connect. Sometimes the best way to connect with a seller is to send them a link to schedule a day and time into your calendar. REIFuze has a built-in calendar scheduling link. It integrates with your Google Calendar and has automatic appointment reminders.

  • Automated Follow Up Message Templates

  • As they say, "the money is in the follow up." But, most of us are horrible at it. With REIFuze you can use our proven automated pre-loaded SMS, MMS, RVM and email (and soon direct mail) lead follow-up campaigns.

  • Infinite Follow Up System

  • If long follow-up is your goal, when your leads reach the end of any campaign, you can loop them back around to the beginning of the campaign automatically.

  • Quick Reply Messages

  • When corresponding with sellers, you'll find that you'll mostly be answering the same questions over and over. Well, we've included the most common replies in a drop down menu so you can quickly respond and talk to more sellers.

  • Missed Phone Call Text Auto-Reply

  • It's estimated that business owners are never able to get it contact with as much as 40% of missed calls from prospects. Sending out an immediate text to missed calls letting them know that they are important and you'll get back to them soon drives down that number by almost half. So that means 20% more leads for you.

    Step #3: Close Deals

  • Phone System

  • With REIFuze, you'll have a fully functional incoming and outgoing soft phone system, complete with features like call forwarding and voicemail which will allow you to call from the same phone number you initially texted the lead from.

  • Closer Scripts

  • As you're on the phone with a potential lead (seller, buyer, lender, etc.), on one side of the computer screen you'll be able to enter information about the lead and property and on the other side of the screen you can load one of our tried-and-proven scripts.

  • Task Lists

  • With just a few clicks, you'll be able to add lists of common tasks to a contact record which will allow you to track the status of each lead and deal in your pipeline.  

  • Forms/Contracts Templates

  • We'll give you access to the exact contracts we use like: purchase agreements (buyer and seller), authorization for mortgage information, etc.)

  • File Storage

  • Is the desktop on your computer a mess with a bunch of random files like photos of properties, contracts you have out, inspection reports, etc.? Not anymore. Each contact record has an area where you can upload and organize your files where anyone on your team can access them 24/7.

  • Amortization Calculator

  • Right from the contact record, you'll be able to generate an amortization calculator using information you've already entered when you talked to the seller. It's so fast, you can create an amortization table or calculate a monthly payment while on the call with a seller.

  • Send Documents for Electronic Signature

  • You'll be able to send purchase agreements and other contracts for digital signature. You can insert fields from the contact record automatically so that you can send purchase agreements in just a few clicks.

    New Features Coming to REI Fuze in the Next 60 Days

    • Live Chat/Support Plugin for Your Website

    • Automated Phone Dialer

    • Transactional Funding

    • Mobile Phone App

    • Rehab Estimator

    • Litigator Scrub

    • Rental Value Estimator

    • My SOPs Your Team Can Use

    • Property Data (90+ days)

    • Embedable Data Collection Forms

    • Direct Mail

    • Automations

    • Texting Keywords

    • Rental Application and Screening

    • Answering Service Integration

    • Deal Accounting

    • Driving for Dollars Helper

    • List Pulling (Private Lender, Foreclosure, Cash Buyer, Agent, Vacant)

    • Automated Seller/Agent Offer Generator

    • Kanban Board to Track Deals

    • Zapier Integration

    • Custom Domain Integration

    • Salesperson Leaderboard

    • Deal Analyzer

    Here's What Our 3 Step System Has Achieved For Our Customers

    (with the same marketing spend)

    More Leads

    More Deals Closed

    More Revenue

    Become a Customer Now

    Hodge Podging Together All of Your REI Tools Is Costing You Time & Money

    Save Time

    With the advanced built-in systems and processes in REIFuze, you'll be able to buy back some of your time, all while closing more deals in the end.

    Save Money

    Your leads will cost less with our system because you'll be able to contact prospects and leads via different communication methods (and cheap communication methods too).

    Do More with Less

    You'll be able to know exactly what leads you should focus on to hit your goals fast and send the rest to an automatic nurture sequence until they become more motivated.

    We're Here to Help Every Step of the Way...

    With how to videos on every page our software that explains how to do everything in each part of our software and 7 day a week support, you'll never feel alone.

    Become a Customer Now

    Integrated with these Partners

    The Power of AI to Keep You Accountable

    Answer 7 simple questions about your goals and current investing abilities and our system will tell you exactly how many prospects you need to touch, sellers you need to talk to, and offers you need to make each month to hit your goals.

    Act Now & Get 3 Great Bonuses Worth Thousands of Dollars a Year!

    Bonus #1

    REI Fuze Weekly Zoom Call

     Total Value: $197/mo. 

    Once every week at 11am EST you'll be able to jump on a call with our founder (who has been an active investor for 20+ years and has done 100s of deals). He'll help you set goals for the week and help you overcome ANY investing challenges you're having (with REIFuze or otherwise)

    Bonus #2

    REIFuze Insider Facebook Community

     Total Value: $39.00/mo. 

    24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can pose your questions and problems to some of the brightest investing minds on the planet. With this group, you're never on the journey alone. This will provide you the help you need in between the weekly calls.

    Bonus #3

    Wholesaler University Course

     Total Value: $497.00 

    REI Fuze is not only for wholesalers but it's where most folks start. And wholesaling is valuable to even seasoned investors because we all run across deals that don't fit our buy box. Wholesaler University is A to Z training on things like getting leads, negotating with sellers, getting deals and disposition. 

    Become a Customer Now

    How to Get Started


    Sign Up

    Choose between our 3 monthly plans to see which is the best fit for your goals.


    Onboarding Call

    Immediately after you sign up, you'll schedule an onboarding call.


    Pull a List

    In preparation for our onboarding call, you'll pull a list of at least 5,000 records (if you don't know how to do this, there is training in the portal on how to do it)


    Have the Onboarding Call

    On the call, we'll help you migrate your database from your existing CRM, upload your prospect list, give you a walkthrough of the system, answer any questions, get your first list, get it skip traced and sent out, set your goals.

    Choose Your Monthly Pricing Plan

    Most Popular Plan


    $297 / mo.

  • 2 Users

  • Add 15,000 Contacts a Month

  • Skip Trace per Record: $0.07

  • Cost per Postcard: $0.85

  • 5 Custom Fields

  • $297/mo.

    Setup Fee: $500 $0
    (for a Limited Time)


    $397 / mo.

  • 5 Users

  • Add 30,000 Contacts a Month

  • Skip Trace per Record: $0.06

  • Cost per Postcard: $0.80

  • 15 Custom Fields

  • $397/mo.

    Setup Fee: $500 $0
    (for a Limited Time)


    $497 / mo.

  • Unlimited Users

  • Add Unlimited Contacts/Month

  • Skip Trace per Record: $0.05

  • Cost per Postcard: 0.75

  • Unlimited Custom Fields

  • $497/mo.

    Setup Fee: $500 $0
    (for a Limited Time)

    You would pay your SMS/MMS, Email, and RVM usage directly through carriers like Twilio, SendGrid and SlyBroadcast

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Everything you need to know

    + Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

    We offer a 30 day money-back guarantee.

    + What if the software doesn't have a feature I want?

    If we don't have a feature now, we probably soon will! Our software is called REI FUZE for a reason... our ultimate goal is for you to have everything you need right inside our software so that all parts of your business work together seamlessly. We have 5 full time developers on staff so we can implement things quickly.

    + Is this a tool for beginner or advanced investors?

    Both. It's designed to be easy so a beginner can do it. But it's also designed by an investor that has done hundreds of deals and has 20+ years of experience and he uses it in his own business too (so it's great for advanced investors too).

    + Can I cancel at any time? Am I locked into a contract?

    Yes, you can cancel at any time and no, we don't do contracts. Just notify us at least 72 hours before your next billing date. And we hope you'll give us a heads up about anything that isn't working for you so that we can make it right before we get to that point.

    + Do you offer annual discounts?

    Yes, we do. Annual plans get 2 months free every year. You can select an annual plan and get the discount during the checkout process. 

    + What if I need help?

    You can get answers from REIFuze's real-live support team right inside of your REIFuze dashboard. You can also refer to our "How to Use this Section" buttons located on every page. There you'll find a video teaching you how to use that specific section.

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