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Things to Do Before the Call

Sign up for these accounts if you don't already have them because these are the accounts that are going to send your SMS, MMS, Email and RVM messages from REIFuze (links will open in a new window):

1. SendGrid (signup for the $15/mo. email plan... NOT the marketing/list plans)

2. Twilio (you'll need to load your account with $20 in credits) AND get as far as you can with the process in this document.

3. Slybroadcast (I would start with the 1,000 package for $60 AND set to auto charge)

4. Google Account (most people will have one of these through Gmail)

5. Pull a minimum of 5,000 property records from your preferred list provider. For most, this will be PropStream. If you don't have PropStream, you can get a 7 day free trial by clicking here. If you're pulling a big list like this, you'll need to upgrade to a paid plan ($97/mo.). If you don't know how to pull a list, there is a free training video I did on it here.

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Please note that we recommend not changing any settings or doing anything in the account until your onboarding call where we will show you how to use everything.

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